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In our home we want learning to be fun. We want to entertain our children first in order to get their attention. Once we have their attention, the learning can begin. School does not have to be boring. So our journey starts with Entertaining to Educate...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My new obsession: Knitting and other crafty things....

Ok, so it has been a little while since I have posted.  My daughter and I have been trying out some new crafty things.  It all started this summer during the summer reading program at the library.  One of the activities was "Ductigami".  This consisted of making items using duck tape.  The event featured purses and wallets.  We made wallets and quickly went out to purchase our own duck tape and got started on our own crafts. 

Duck tape sure has come along way!  They make it in every color, print, and design imaginable.  We have zebra, polka dots, butterflies, camo, hot rod flames, and solid colors.  We have made wallets, bracelets,  check book covers, mp3 cases, phone covers, lap top decorations, book covers, and more.  Mu darling daughter puts it on anything she can think of!!! 

Our next craft was macrame key chains.  We are interested in pursuing this craft, but have not actually purchased the materials yet.

After that we started friendship string bracelets, again.  We did this a year or so ago and had put it aside.  Well, now my daughter started back at it.  She has made tons!

The next bracelet adventure was pop-tab bracelets.  We used pop-tabs and ribbon and crafted some nifty little bracelets.  I have some big ideas to expand on these and can't wait to try them all out.   This has been a little more unique than some of our other crafts.

Now, our latest adventure:  knitting.  Last summer during the summer reading program they hosted a knitting event.  Some very kind, and patient, ladies came to our library in order to attempt to teach us knitting.  It all went pretty well, while we were there.  by the time you get home and do ten other things and then come back to the knitting, well, it wasn't as easy.  So, after a few attempts, I got frustrated and put it aside.

While cleaning out and going through things a couple weeks ago, I rediscovered all my knitting supplies I had gotten.  (Not really that much ~ some yarn and various knitting needles and a round loom set(this I got on sale).  I decided to try again.  This time I tried it on the round loom.  Oh wow, the difference it makes!  It gives you time to get the rhythm and feel for knitting without dropping the needles 40 times!    My 11 year old even has the patience for it!  In the past few days I have completed two scarves and one hat and tonight, I started a pair of socks!  My husband looked at me tonight and said, "You have become obsessed!"  I told him that yes I had..  I have so many plans and ideas.  Christmas gifts, stuff for us, and who knows what else! 

We will have to see how long this lasts, but, I think I may stick with this one.  Not as a full time obsession, but at least a part time one!