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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Time 4 Learning Review

Thanks Time 4 Learning.  We had some troubles during our initial review period and Time 4 Learning was very gracious and extended our review period.  So, this is a bit of an update to our last post/review.

Time 4 Learning is a fun way to learn.  The student is able to log on and easily navigate through the lessons and activities.  I like the fact the student is able to choose what subject / lesson they want to do next.  I am not a stickler about subjects being completed in a particular order.  I like the freedom of allowing my children to decide the order of subjects.

  The site is easy to navigate.  There is a parent section and student login sections.  As a parent you can easily see how many times your student has logged in.  You can also see a status of assignments completed and progress throughout the system.  There is an option to print enrollment and certificates also.

I would recommend Time 4 Learning if you have a child that likes the internet and enjoys fun interactive sties.  It is also good for those that do not enjoy physically writing.  Work is either clicking on selections or typing.  Your child will be tied to a screen and that may not be something some parents want.  You are limited to working at the computer and internet is of course absolutely necessary.  We only used this on a laptop so I can't say how well it works via tablet.

Time 4 Learning would be a good program for someone on the go as long as you had wi-fi available or your own hot spot. This eliminates taking extra books and materials with you.

At this time, we are not looking to spend the monthly fee associated with Time 4 Learning.  I do feel it is a fair price, and comparable with other curriculum.  It is a monthly charge so if you decide it is not a fit for your child, you can stop.   Time 4 Learning offers a money back guarantee if you are not happy.  That is fair and you can't beat that kind of guarantee.

Thanks again Time 4 Learning.  We really enjoyed getting a test run with your product!