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In our home we want learning to be fun. We want to entertain our children first in order to get their attention. Once we have their attention, the learning can begin. School does not have to be boring. So our journey starts with Entertaining to Educate...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A great way to use Yogurt that is close to expiration

My kids love go-gurts.  You know the stuff that comes in a tube that is meant for lunchboxes.  I buy them and freeze them and they eat them like popsicles.  I recently was at the store and they had several yogurt cups on clearance since they were close to expiration.  I had coupons which made these free!  I took them home and was informed that the flavor I purchased was not what they liked.  This particular variety had two colors in it, pink on bottom and white on top.  I took the lid off, stirred it well so that it was all pink and stuck a plastic popsicle stick in it.  You know the ones that are designed for the molds so you can make your own popsicles....  I stuck it in the freezer and the next day I ran warm water over the outside of the yogurt cup in order to release it from the cup.  I handed it to my ultra picky kid (who now could not see the label) and told him it was a yogurt pop.  He loved it! 

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